About Us

We all agree — China is a fascinating country with tremendous opportunities for business and living. But, even in a beautiful and desirable area like Qingdao, much business in hindered and life is sometimes more difficult than necessary because of language and cultural conflicts.

micMAC Global Solutions is a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Qingdao, China. We specialize in intercultural business consulting and job search for Chinese and Western companies and students. We also work to promote the Qingdao area to foreign companies.

Founded in 2010, micMAC has served Qingdao and surrounding cities for four years. Our clients have included major state-owned enterprises, local businesses that trade with the U.S., international schools, and five-star hotels.

Corporate Programs

KickStart® Chinese for Expat Employees

Are your newly-arrived expats feeling lost in a sea of language? Are traditional methods too costly or time-consuming? Give us the opportunity to give them the basics using fun and interactive solutions with the latest language acquisition methods.

InterCultural Training

InterCultural Advantage®

Sharing a language and understanding a culture are very different things. Every day in China, hotels make inter-cultural mistakes that cost money and time. Most of these problems could be avoided, or be less serious, with some basic intercultural knowledge. We specialize in that knowledge. Our training can help your staff better understand and respond to the issues that create misunderstandings. More intercultural understanding means more business and more profit.

SST Soft Skills Training®

Our extensive business soft skills library (79 topics, and growing) can provide one day or multi-day workshops to train your professionals in skills ranging from Administrative Support to Virtual Team Building. Every workshop comes with a training manual and other material for each participant.


Looking for a Job in China?

Your Job/Internship Advantage

Whether you’ve just graduated or looking for an internship in your field, let our experts connect you with repeatable companies and schools.

Soft Skills Programs

Administrative Support
Anger Management
Appreciative Inquiry
Assertiveness and Self Confidence
Attention Management
Basic Bookkeeping
Body Language Basics
Budgets and Financial Reports
Business Acumen
Business Ethics
Business Etiquette 1 & 2
Business Succession Planning
Business Writing
Call Center Training
Change Management
Civility in the Workplace
Coaching and Mentoring
Communication Strategies
Conflict Resolution
Creative Problem Solving

Critical Thinking
Customer Service
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Developing a Lunch and Learn
Developing Creativity
Digital Citizenship
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Motivation
Employee Onboarding
Employee Recruitment
Executive and Personal Assistants
Facilitation Skills
Generation Gaps
Goal Setting & Getting Things Done
Hiring Strategies
Human Resource Management
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Interpersonal Skills
Job Search Skills

Knowledge Management
Leadership and Influence
Lean Process and Six Sigma
Manager Management
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Marketing Basics
Measuring Results from Training
Media and Public Relations
Meeting Management
Middle Manager
Negotiation Skills
Office Politics for Managers
Organizational Skills
Overcoming Sales Objections
Performance Management
Personal Branding
Personal Productivity
Presentation Skills
Project Management
Proposal Writing

Public Speaking
Risk Assessment and Management
Safety in the Workplace
Sales Fundamentals
Social Intelligence
Social Media in the Workplace
Stress Management
Talent Management
Teamwork and Team Building
Telework and Telecommuting
Time Management
Trade Show Staff Training
Train the Trainer
Virtual Team Building
Work-Life Balance
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Violence

Our Staff

Tom Harper

Tom Harper


Tom visited China for the first time in 2002, when he traveled to Kunming and Lijiang in Yunnan Province. In 2006 Tom, his wife Ivy, and two of their four children arrived in Changchun with ELIC to begin language study.

After studying for two years at Northeast Normal University, the Harpers moved to Liaocheng in Shandong Province to teach English at Liaocheng University. Tom served as a professor for two years. They settled in Qingdao in January 2012. In Qingdao, Tom taught for a year at Wall Street English, then purchased micMAC Global Solutions in 2013.

Before coming to China, Tom spent over 25 years in the publishing, marketing and education fields. He worked as a vice president of marketing for a savings and loan company in the late 1980s, was involved in adult education and served as a teacher and board chairman for private schools, gave seminars in writing and publishing, and was the managing editor for an international religious publication for 18 years.

Tom has earned B.A. degrees in music, an M.A. in Cultural and Religious Studies from Missouri State University and a TESOL certificate from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Michael Stathopulo

Michael Stathopulo

Marketing/Business Training Consultant

Michael has lived in Qingdao China with his wife Elisabeth and his two baby girls for 4 years and is from the United States.

Michael is currently the Marketing/Business Training Consultant for micMac Global Solutions where he provides valuable tools in an English environment to train successful business workers.

Manager and Sales Professional
Michael has been in Sales, Sales Management and was a Sales Director for over 15 years in the United States. He has served as a Sales Manager for Freeman Companies & Director of Sales for Presentation Services working in 5-star hotels such as the Hyatt Regency, the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center and the Westin Hotel in Dallas Texas. During his career, Michael has secured and negotiated high level government contacts for meeting services as well as lucrative contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

Corporate Trainer/Business Consultant
Michael has presented leadership, English and Cultural programs to corporate and 5 Star Hotel Management for over 4 years in Qingdao China. He has been employed as a Business Consultant for ReY.s International coaching staff in Time Management, International Business Culture, Productivity Analysis and English Language Training. He also taught and coached the hotel staff of The Holiday Inn Qingdao City Center in preparation for their opening in 2010 as well as the Qingdao Kilin Crown Hotel in 2011-2012.

Jojo Deguzman

Jojo Deguzman

Trainer / EQ Consultant

Jojo De Guzman has been involved in leadership development and training for the past 20 years. He is a certified EQ-i 2.0 coach and trainer, and worked as a consultant for Paragon International, a U.S.-based consulting company, for five years in Qingdao. He was a manager and training consultant for MTI International School for three years. He is a certified Birkman Consultant and has conducted Team Building Training for companies in China and Thailand. He completed his M.A. in Organizational Leadership at Biola University in Los Angeles, California.

Sun Yan (Flight)

Executive Assistant

Sun Yan (Flight) is the executive assistant at micMAC Global Solutions. She was born and raised in Qingdao, so she is 100% “Qingdao ren.” Flight was the very first employee of micMAC. After she taught Chinese in Indonesia, she used that experience to help develop many language learning methods and curriculum that have proven extremely valuable and efficient. She is also experienced in assisting foreigners with visa issues and acquisition.

Vicky Wang (王雪清)

Education management consultant

Vicky is from Inner Mongolia and graduated from Inner Mongolia University with a bachelor’s degree in English. She has been working in Qingdao since 2002, is married and has one daughter.

Vicky has almost 20 years of rich working experience in the Education, Business, Management & Consulting in both the Chinese and US markets.

While living, and working in the US, Vicky gained experience in cross-cultural communication, American culture and consulting to bring Chinese students to the US. This included helping them in their study and tests plans, applying to universities, preparing for the visa and interview process and provided support when they first arrive in the USA.


“I reached out to Daryl when I was at a crossroads about an important career decision in my life. After working with him I gained more clarity and peace of mind than I could have imagined. He helped me release the fear that was holding me back and gave me the confidence to make a positive change. I would highly recommend Daryl to anyone who feels stuck — he has an incredible gift! His kindness and professionalism help me to see things in perspective.”

Marketing and Administration Director, Shekou

“Our cooperation has been excellent and has exceeded our expectations. Your teaching is very detailed, productive, vivid and humorous! Our sales ladies’ English has progressed greatly during the past weeks. They now dare to open their mouth, speak more frequently, confidently and professionally. Moreover our sales ladies like you and your teaching style so much”.

Victor Wang
President, Best Point Stationary Co. LTD

“During the last 7 years I have talked to and learned from many native speakers, but never like this time with Tom, because this time, it was a systematic and individualized process. Tom speaks really standard American English and is very patient with your learning progress. He can always figure out new ways to teach you new things. He focuses on practice, but he never forgets the importance of grammar. He corrected my accent and made it sound more natural.”

Yantai WanHua
HR Department

“Whenever we speak English, we will remember our good impression of your experienced training, agreeable communication and appreciated accountability. Thanks for your endeavors for our training.”

Yantai WanHua
Purchasing Manager


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